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Birthdays, Pizza and PRs!

Birthdays, Pizza and PRs! Thanks for everyone’s birthday wishes to me! #gretetsgreatgallop #runchat

Happy Monday! I just celebrated my birthday this weekend, saw Les Mis and had great food (Rubirosa is a MUST!) BF was in town for a whole 36 hours which was a major plus!


I just finished my first 60 mile week of training! And I didn’t die or hate running! I actually ended the week on a high. Bridget and I ran 20+ miles yesterday afternoon which included 2 speed workouts (6 tempo miles and 15 x…

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Foam Roll WOD + Core Power Oats Recipe!

Getting the most out of your @TPtherapy roller and your @corepower protein shake! #marathontraining #runchat

I still remember the first, and only, time I met marathoner and track coach Alberto Salazar. He’s a living legend in the track and marathon worlds and I only had about thirty seconds to ask him a question. I went into fan-girl mode and blurted out: “Do you think I can qualify for the Boston Marathon?” Poor guy, how’s he supposed to decide the marathon fate of some random girl who he has just met?…

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Finland Flag Bearer: NYC Marathon Opening Ceremony


Ahh! Check this out!

I was selected to be a flag bearer to represent my home country of Finland in the NYC Marathon Opening Ceremony parade!

Now let’s marvel at its beauty.




I’m so excited!!!

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Half Marathon Excitement and Prep

Tomorrow is race day! I haven’t had a race eve in a while and I’m pretty excited.

Based on how my training has gone, I should be ready to run a PR – my current best is 1:38:59 from the 2013 Brooklyn Half, so I’m ready for a new claim on the 13.1 distance!

I’ve got my outfit laid out (planned this morning already obviously), my Gen Ucan and my Gu, and I am really excited to get up and run!


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On My Radar

-new post- What’s On My Radar & In My LIfe! #running #bears #getfit #interview


It’s been sometime since I’ve blogged about my training. Everything is going well but it’s exponentially tougher than any other training cycle before – which makes sense because I’m trying to run faster than I ever have before. Including running, here are some things that have been going on for the past few weeks!


I posted about this virtual eventa while ago, and it’s finally here! My interview…

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Shop Out Soho with Reebok!

@ReebokWomen event recap from this weekend! #shopoutsoho #skyscapes #fitfluential

The following post is sponsored by FitFluential LLC on behalf of Reebok

Over the weekend, I was invited to come to the Lady Foot Locker store in SoHo to celebrate Shop Out SoHo, an event that was taking place all weekend long at multiple stores. I was there on behalf of Reebok and ran into lovely Evann!


We were there to help shoppers and show them the SkyScapes sneakers from Reebok, which have…

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Race Thoughts: New York City 18 Mile Marathon Tune-Up

Race Thoughts: New York City 18 Mile Marathon Tune-Up #fitfluential #runchat @nyrr

This race is feared by many and rightfully so. This race is held each year in mid-September, mainly as a tune-up race for NYC Marathon, but the pre-race announcers always say, “If you can get through this race today, you will be able to run any of the fall marathons!” (photo credit)

I heard that four years ago, and set off into the race as a novice, never having raced more than one half…

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New York Fashion Week x Fitness!

Sponsored: #fitfluential x New York Fashion Week x Fitness! @reebok #reebokfithubusq

The following post is sponsored by FitFluential LLC on behalf of Reebok


Fashion week is always an interesting time in New York. And for me in particular, what I was doing this week versus what I was doing four years ago? Completely different.

I remember having one job during Fashion’s Night Out 2010 where I was instructed to stand on a glass box, in six inch heels, for four hours in a window…

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Want to hear my interview?

Hey people of the world!
A reminder coming from me to you! We are one week away from the launch of Get Fit!

If you don’t know what I’m talking about, you should read my post from last Wednesday!

My interview is all about body image and the messed up realities of the modeling world. Luckily I was able to come out much stronger a person than going in and marathon running was a huge step in the…

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Energizer Bunny Fuel

Last Friday, I possibly had one of my best long runs..ever.

And it definitely wasn’t because I ate well before. I actually didn’t even eat lunch – I was working straight from 8am til 7pm. During this time all I had had was a bagel with butter and two bananas.

I had missed my workout with josh at 630pm because I couldn’t leave. And so when I finally got off work, I was frustrated and almost past…

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